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FzMovies - Searching for Terence Hill movies
Searching for movies with: Terence Hill
Doc West 2009 (2009) (BluRay)
After bandits steal his poker winnings this American legend makes his way to the next town in search of them. Seeking out his revenge during a poker g

A Genius Two Friends and an Idiot (1975) (BluRay)
Three rogues set out to rob $300,000 from an Indian-hating cavalry major.

My Name Is Nobody 1973 (1973) (BluRay)
A young, easygoing gunman (Hill) worships and competes with an old gunfighter (Fonda) who only wants to retire.

March or Die 1977 (1977) (BluRay)
During the 1920s, French Foreign Legion Major William Foster's unit is protecting an archaeological dig but the discovery of an Arab sacred burial sit

They Call Me Trinity 1970 (1970) (BluRay)
A lazy, unorthodox gunfighter and his portly, horse-thieving brother defend a Mormon settlement from a land-grabbing Major and his henchmen.

Crime Busters 1977 (1977) (BluRay)
An attempted robbery turns to be an unexpected recruitment when two unemployed men mistakenly break into a police office instead of a store.

Miami Supercops 1985 (1985) (BluRay)
In 1978, $20 million was stolen from a Detroit bank. One of the robbers was caught, one was found dead, and the third disappeared. The money was never

Im for the Hippopotamus 1979 (1979) (BluRay)
In Africa, many years ago, Slim and Tom don't like it when a German tyrant, starts selling all of the African wildlife to Canadian Zoo's! Slim and Tom

Super Fuzz 1980 (1980) (BluRay)
Red powder from a nuclear explosion gives a police officer super powers as long as he doesn't see anything red. He is eventually framed for murder and

All the Way Boys (1972) (DVDRip)
The "Trinity" crew makes another modern era film. Plata and Salud are pilots ditching aircraft for insurance money. They wind up crashing fo

Lucky Luke (1991) (BluRay)
Lucky Luke becomes the Sheriff of Daisy Town and runs out all the criminals. Then the Dalton brothers arrive and try to get the Indians to break the p

Go For It 1983 (1983) (BluRay)
Mason is driving a truck when he takes on his lorry Rosco a hitchhiker. Traffic police stop them for a control but they are confused for two robbers.

Odds and Evens (1978) (BluRay)
The navy's detective gets his brother, the ex-gambler to help him liquidate an illegal gaming house on a yacht near Miami.

Cyberflic [Virtual Weapon] (1997) (BluRay)
A detective duo hunts a criminal organization, which is using an unknown liquid explosive material.

Who Finds a Friend Finds a Treasure (1981) (BluRay)
Alan gets a map to some war treasure which the Japanese army left behind on a small Pacific island at the end of World War II. But some gangsters try

The Oil Prince [Rampage at Apache Wells] (1965) (BluRay)
'The Oilprince' is an unscrupulous businessman. He looks forward to a lucrative deal with the "Western Arizona Bank'. He sells the bank oil wells

Django Prepare a Coffin (1968) (BluRay)
Double-crossed and pumped full of lead courtesy of his former friend, the unscrupulous, money-loving politician, David Barry, Django finds himself wan

Watch Out We re Mad (1974) (BluRay)
After a tied 1st place in a local stunt race, two drivers start a contest to decide who of them will own the prize, a dune buggy. But when a mobster d

Double Trouble (1984) (BluRay)
A jazz musician and a stunt man are the spitting image of two millionaire brothers. They take the job to replace them in Rio de Janeiro when someone p

Trinity Is Still My Name (1971) (BluRay)
Bambino tries to teach his brother Trinity how to become an outlaw, but the two wind up saving a pioneer family and breaking up an arms ring instead.

Boot Hill (1969) (BluRay)
Victims of oppressive town boss Honey are offered help by an unusual alliance of gunmen and circus performers.